Newton IB

Newton IB

Friday, 25 November 2016

Summary of Accounts - Profits and Donations

After the fair, we added up how much money we made! As the spreadsheet shows, we made some great profits, all of which will be donated to NGOs chosen by the students. A special thanks to parents who have generously donated their original investment to their children's projects. 

Clear definitions!

Students have clear definitions of the following important concepts related to our projects! The exciting thing is that although they learnt these definitions in Spanish, they have easily been able to transfer and explain their understanding in English. GREAT STUFF!

Students have also been analysing how their businesses are sustainable and the challenges they might have. 

They've also thought about the challenges that other businesses we have interviewed might have.


Students have been reflecting on their understanding of the central idea for their Exhibition Projects (click images to enlarge). 

Action Fair in Progress!

Here are a few more photos of the students selling things during their Action Fair! They did really great job, everything was sold and I think they even had fun (well... on a little bit...)! 

Action Fair Day!

Here are some photos of getting ready for our Action Fair! The students were really excited and plenty of parents came to help them set-out their stands, and even bought some products before they got started. A huge thanks to the workers and security guards at our school who helped us organise everything we needed!

Thursday, 24 November 2016